Moomoo - free Apple stock promo!

Moomoo is a smart trading platform available on Apple, Google and Windows devices that boasts of competitive commission fees. Having been launched in Singapore only in early 2021, it is a relatively new service that offers trading in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore markets. It is a subsidiary of Futu Holdings, which is listed on the US-based NASDAQ.

The app is well-designed and simple to use for beginner and advanced traders. There is a range of research tools that can assist you in making informed investment decisions. The trading interface has comprehensive functionalities, and there are also new feeds that provide financial news in the app itself. Paper trading is available, which may be helpful for novice investors seeking to simulate the experience or practise their strategies beforehand.

Moomoo app trading interfaceMoomoo app news feed interface

Moomoo has introduced recurring promotions offering free shares for new users. Here's the steps to get them:

1. Register on Moomoo using referral link:

2. Fund your account by making an initial deposit of SGD 2,700 or more

3. Trade a minimum of 5 times in any market/product

The reward comprises the following:

a. Free Apple share: 1x share (NASDAQ: AAPL) worth about USD 140

b. Commission-free trading: 180 days unlimited trades across US, HK & SG stock markets

c. Free market data: US Level 2 data; SG Level 1 data; China level 1 data


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